Getting Here

The Premier Fishing Resort on Lake of the Woods - Minnesota!

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3409 State Hwy 172 NW, Baudette MN 56623
1-800-PRO-FISH |

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Personal Auto

We have plenty of parking for your vehicle. It is suggested to bring a 50’ extension cord in the winter for plugging in your vehicle. We do not have RV or camping space.

Car Rental

International Falls

There are no car rentals in Baudette.

Charter Bus

We are not under contract with any specific charter bus service. This allows us to work with many different services so we can help you get the right charter for your trip. We can set up a charter bus for your group on request.

Fly your own Plane

Baudette International Airport: 218-634-1923

  • Runway 5500 x 100 feet
  • Jet A or AV gas Heated Hangers available
  • Have tie downs
  • Customs Available
  • Courtesy Car Available

International Falls Airport

There are flights daily from the Minneapolis/St Paul international airport available from Delta Airlines.

Fargo Airport

Approximate distances from

  • Chicago IL 725 and 12 hours
  • Omaha NE 650 and 11 hours
  • Des Moines IA 580 and 10 hours
  • Minneapolis MN 325 miles and 5.5 hours
  • Fargo ND 255 miles and 5 hours
  • Grand Forks ND 180 miles and 3 hours
  • Aberdeen SD 438 miles and 7 hours
  • Madison WI 552 miles and 10 hours