Lake of the Woods Original Weekly Fishing Report!

What has over 7000 free parking spaces Labor Day weekend?

August 25, 2019 at 11:34 AM

What has over 7000 free parking spaces Labor Day weekend?  The World Ploughing Contest!  Northern Minnesota’s social event of the year!  Contestants from 30 countries will be at Lake of the Woods competing for the title of best in the world.  The competitors are truly world class, they have a great amount of time and energy exacting their skills and tools to lay down the best result.  With so many different factors at play many of them have already been here for more than a week of practice and adjustments.  Basically, what happens while the competitors are working their plot, people are enjoying the vendor booths, food and drink and live entertainment.  You don’t have to be into ploughing to appreciate this event.  It’s about mixing with people from all of the competing countries and enjoying the competition and fare.  Check out the Tourism website for more details.


Fishing remains excellent, the cooler weather has prompted some great angling, mostly drifting with spinners, gold and pink blades have been the best.  There is a large school of Walleye just outside the Lighthouse Gap in 29-30 feet of water.  We anticipate with the cooler temps the jig bite will start again soon and the shiners will be prominent.


There is still time to get in a fall trip while the fishing is excellent.  The winter rates are out, if you have not picked your dates, now is the time to get the best available ones.



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