Lake of the Woods Original Weekly Fishing Report!

We Have Been Moving Again

March 03, 2013 at 1:47 PM

We have had good success in some places, although it has been sporadic. Our houses are in 4 different locations across the lake. We have houses off of Pine Island in 26 feet of water and 31 feet of water.

We are also covering different depths around two separate reef areas. Catch rates have been about the same in all areas. On any given day, one place can be a little better then another. Having a constant eye on the sonar and using small presentations has been producing.  Quick actions and rapid jigging seems to chase the fish away while small and subtle action seems to trigger more bites.

The forecast looks great to keep us out fishing in March lows into single digits and highs up to 30’s for the week ahead.  W e still have plenty of snow cover that is keeping the ice in great shape.

Don’t forget we are able to have our houses out until March 31st and Walleye is open until April 14th.