Lake of the Woods Original Weekly Fishing Report!

We have our houses situated about 11 miles from Pine Island

February 11, 2018 at 11:40 AM

We have our houses situated about 11 miles from Pine Island.


The fish that are out there are playing hard to get.  Those anglers who are constantly and actively working their baits are having more success.  The traffic is seeming to come by in smaller schools, so when they come by it is important to be working your baits, or at least have a good minnow on the hook of your dead stick.


There are many anglers marking fish on their sonars, getting them to bite has been the trick. We are still using the Lake of the Woods staple colors, gold, glow red and yellow.  The drop shots are effective on the dead sticks and a jigging rap works well for actively jigging.


We have put a bounty out for bait containers!  Anyone bringing us empty and clean 1lb 11.8oz plastic coffee can with lid we will donate $2.00 to the Willie Walleye Fund.  Limit one per person on each reservation, so if you booked for 8 people and bring 8 cans we will donate $16.00 for the new Willie Walleye in Baudette.


It looks like midweek will be warmer with a chance of snow, cooling down a day, then ending with a nice weekend.