Lake of the Woods Original Weekly Fishing Report!

We have moved further out and have had really strong action!

January 17, 2016 at 2:57 PM

Another cold batch of weather hit us this weekend.  We are starting to see some ice thickness in the teens of inches, although it is not consistent everywhere.  The last we checked the ice in the bay was still around the 11 inch mark. We are still taking people out, although we hope soon we will be going full swing with the plowed road so everyone has options.

We have moved further out and have had really strong action!  4-6 miles north of Pine Island was a definite increase in action from areas closer to Pine Island.

We have been still going with the smaller presentations and no particular color has been better.  A plain hook with a split shot weight works great with an active minnow.  Fathead minnows have been all that is necessary. If you are not familiar with the normal Lake of the Woods tackle it would be best to have gold and or glow red.  Brighter colors are better than dark, and it is generally good to have something that rattles.  Actively jigging one stick while have an active minnow on a dead stick is a great tactic.  Electronics like a Vexilar definitely increase your chances.  Underwater cameras are difficult to provide quality images as the water tends to be dark.

The week ahead shows temps to be forecasted in the single digits to 20’s above zero.