Lake of the Woods Original Weekly Fishing Report!

we have about a 10 degree cool down from last week coming

September 29, 2019 at 10:36 AM

We continue to anchor and jig.  Some days we have spent on the North end of the lake and others on the South.  There is still a large school of Walleye just outside the Lighthouse Gap and it has provided a tremendous amount of action.  Sorting through many small fish ends in a nice selection of keepers.  Many comments by guests this weekend included statements like these, “we have never caught this many fish, anywhere”, “we were definitely spoiled by the success this week” and possibly the most popular, “we ran out of bait too”.


It looks like we have about a 10 degree cool down from last week coming.  The forecast is showing low’s in the upper 30’s and high’s in the upper 50’s for the week ahead.  Again, and typical for this time of year, we show possible rain in the forecast, as always, we suggest bringing good rain gear.


Are you looking for some space for a group of 14-18 this fall or winter.  Check out Settlers Point.  We have some availability for groups that want to be close to all the action but have a quiet place to stay overnight.  The Chili Bowl is coming up on October 12th.  There are a few spots available.  Call for a registration form.



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