Lake of the Woods Original Weekly Fishing Report!

We are still waiting for the temps to cool down and make more ice

November 17, 2019 at 1:42 PM

We are still waiting for the temps to cool down and make more ice.  This past week we went from -12 on Tuesday to 45 degrees yesterday.  The forecast ahead shows daytime temps above freezing for 5 of the 7 days and evenings cooling down to upper teens or 20’s.


The -12 degrees sure made for some excitement while bringing thoughts of early ice, but that is yet to be had.  We are still hoping for a major cool down to come.  Many of the old timers would look to the Fairbanks AK’s forecast and predict it to be here in the next 10 days.  Currently it is still showing mild temps in those areas of AK.


With the amount of ice that has been made to date we expect the season may be able come on quick, as in, it won’t take many days of zero temps to make enough ice to be safe.


There are many businesses around the state applying different safety models when it comes to ice.  It is really about risk.  One business may be able to claim safe ice, based on an extremely high probability of needing to be rescued.  This forces their model to highly depend on a best-case scenario for rescue, regardless of cost.  It may not prove the business has the ability or means to rescue anyone, and those businesses are dependent on other sources if a rescue were necessary.  Typically, those businesses appeal to the most aggressive ice angler because they are not as concerned with risk as they are the opportunity to be catching a few fish.


I would like to remind everyone of Border View Lodge’s business practice when it comes to safe ice. Our model is to ensure there is minimal or no risk for the need to be rescued.  A few items of criteria must be met.  The entirety of area we mark for travel and to place fish houses has a minimum of 10 inches of solid/clear ice.  The chance of ice separation and becoming stranded is seemingly nonexistent.  The location we are capable of placing fish houses provides a legitimate chance to catch fish.  Of course, there are many things to consider each year to make the determination, experience is critical to the process.  We want to make sure our decisions allow every angler the desire and opportunity to fish another day.


We still have availability this year at Border View Lodge for more info.  If you are looking for space for groups from 4-18 people this winter, check out Settlers Point.  We have some availability for groups that want to be close to all the action but have their own quiet place to stay overnight.



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