Lake of the Woods Original Weekly Fishing Report!

There have been no drastic changes to the fishing patterns

July 03, 2016 at 9:41 AM

This past week our charters have covered more ground, or water actually.  So far the 4th of July weekend has provided great weather and we are looking forward to the festivities tomorrow.  We have been busy this past week with all hands pitching in reroofing, replacing siding and painting cabins, even the cooks participated by turning in their spatulas for paint brushes during the day.  We are not finished yet but if the weather holds out we will be soon.  The new deck furniture arrived, finally, and looks great!  

There have been no drastic changes to the fishing patterns although we are seeing the mid-day and afternoon bites slowing down, trolling always seems to produce better during those times and so far the efforts of the guides have proved that to be true.  Our charters have been spread out across the lake covering many of reef and sand areas throughout.

There are still detours in Baudette, traffic is diverted south of town.  The impact is minimal unless you really need to be on main street in town. 

The forecast shows we touch into the 80’s this week and still lows in the 50’s overnight.