Lake of the Woods Original Weekly Fishing Report!

It’s Lake of the Woods, what more is there to say!

June 23, 2013 at 11:14 AM

It’s Lake of the Woods, what more is there to say!  The fun continues and the incredible bite is going all day long.  This week brought a whopping 33 ½ inch Walleye caught by Chris Wischmann from Temecula Ca, so far the biggest of the season on our charters.  If you have not been out yet this season, your Walleye is here and ready to rip the rod right out of your hand!

This past week the action has switched from Jigs to Spinners.  We have been doing a lot of drifting or strategic trolling with spinners and having nice aggressive feeding bites all day long.  Crawlers and leeches are doing well, some are still using live minnows or frozen shiners.

We have been fishing areas from Knight Island to Garden Island where there have been large schools of Walleye and Sauger present.  These schools have been providing steady action throughout the day.

We are seeing another great forecast this week with lows in the 60’s and high’s in the 80’s!  Of course we are forecasted for rain like the rest of the state, so far we have not had any in a couple weeks.

The MTT will be having their tournaments this coming weekend, we are excited to see the action their anglers produce.

Our First Class Professional USCG Charter Captains are ready to go this summer!  We have a fantastic crew on the books this year!  Captains, Lanny Vollmer, Michael J Fox, Dennis Anderson, Jake Beckel, Darrell Hoag, Jon Geurkink, Steve Slick, Josh Beckel and Tom Geurkink are ready for your requests.