Fishing Reports

It’s finally here, opening Walleye week!

May 05, 2019 at 5:52 PM

It’s finally here, opening Walleye week!  We are geared up and ready to go!  Northern and Sturgeon fishing have been excellent and fill the gap nicely between the Walleye season ending and opening, but now it is getting to be GO TIME!


The lake has been opening up.  There is still a big sheet of ice on the lake and maybe by Friday it will be more broken up, but we want to get people in the know about how the ice can move.  It could potentially break free of where it is and move South.  This can block the Gap, and potentially block or trap boats.  Do not get over confident in the ice conditions and the ability of the wind to change directions and trap you.

 Temps for the week are showing 34’s overnight and 50’s during the day.



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