Lake of the Woods Original Weekly Fishing Report!

Game on! We have hit the ice for the 2016-2017 Winter season!

December 18, 2016 at 11:15 AM

Game on!  We have hit the ice for the 2016-2017 Winter season!

We have the houses situated off of Pine Island in our normal starting path.  We are in the 25 foot of water range and the water and ice are nice and clear.  It is hard to believe how fast we made ice this year.  It was a great surprise to see the lake freeze over and put up to 9 inches of ice on in 4 days.  I would have never thought that was possible.  We are still in the deep cold and the forecast shows temps rising for the next few days.

Fishing has been good!  Plenty of nice eaters being caught with some big ones mixed in.  Of course, we have the occasional Burbot and yesterday a 36-inch Sturgeon.  Action on the dead sticks seems to work really well when the other is being actively jigged with something noisy or has flashy colors.  Glow red or pink have been go to colors so far. 

Tom’s Tackle came out with a new jig for the season “Shiner Eyes” they seem to be working very well.  Also, the drop shots Toms Tackle makes for us have been getting nice bites.

We are wishing everyone a great Holiday Season!