Lake of the Woods Original Weekly Fishing Report!

Fishing remains good!

December 29, 2019 at 9:24 AM

Fishing remains good!  We have had plenty of eaters mixed in with some Large Walleye and Sturgeon so far this year.  We are situated just off of Pine Island around the 25 foot mark.  Our guides have sampled closer in and further out and right now 25-27 is proving to be the most consistent bite. 


Still, white seems to be the color, plain chartreuse hooks have been good also.


The forecast is looking better than today is bringing, lots of wind and snow today.  It appears the rest of the week should be much better.


We just had a couple of dates in January open up, Jan 7-9 and 20-22, give us a call if you are interested.


Have a Happy New Year!



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