Lake of the Woods Original Weekly Fishing Report!

Fall has definitely set in around Lake of the Woods!

October 20, 2013 at 1:55 PM

Fall has definitely set in around Lake of the Woods!  The fishing has been great and the river is continuing to improve on numbers and size fish.  This past week’s cooler temps has put the river about equal to fishing activity as the lake.  Many nice keepers have been caught in both places and the number of large fish in the river has increased.  While on the lake just outside the Lighthouse Gap the number of small fish has increased.  Many anglers have not been able to get there hook to the bottom before these bait thieves hit their minnow.  This has created a great time of heavy activity and proves good for the lakes future of continued excellent Walleye fishing.

We have been steadily getting great size Shiner minnows off of our dock every night.  The river is seeing much heavier traffic now then previous weeks.  This past weekend everyone left with limits and had fresh fish dinners!  The most common jig in the river has been 1/2oz.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page as we have started to do more video updates on fishing!

The river fishing continues to improve. The water temperature is down to 51.6.  If the current forecast holds we should have a definite change for the better in river activity.

We are seeing forecasts with high temperatures in the 30’s for this week with lows into 20’s.

Winter dates are filling in, it’s time to make your plan if you don’t already have one!