Lake of the Woods Original Weekly Fishing Report!

Congratulations, Scott Thompson and Ryan Christiansen

October 13, 2013 at 1:13 PM

Minnesota’s last Walleye Tournament of 2013 went off with great success!  Finley had his game face on, mustache and all!  Congratulations, Scott Thompson and Ryan Christiansen, the 2013 Chili Bowl Champs!  It was a great day yesterday with 130 anglers taking their best efforts on the water.  Scott and Ryan brought in their 6 fish max for 11.90 pounds of Walleye, which is a great bag of fish considering 19.5 inches or larger are not allowed.

Our charters have been fishing the lake most of the past week with phenomenal reports.  There is an incredible amount of fish outside the Lighthouse Gap.  Anchored and jigging with frozen or live shiners is the ticket.  As the temps go down this week we expect to see great activity in Four Mile Bay and the Rainy River.

The river fishing continues to improve. The water temperature has not changed from last week staying at 59.1.  Looking at the forecast it is about to drop.

We still have our charter boats in, if you are thinking of another trip this fall you have a couple weeks left.

We are seeing forecasts with high temperatures in the 50’s for this week with lows into 20’s.

Winter dates are filling in, it’s time to make your plan if you don’t already have one!