Lake of the Woods Original Weekly Fishing Report!

The bite in the middle of Big Traverse continues to provide great angling!

February 12, 2017 at 10:28 AM

The bite in the middle of Big Traverse continues to provide great angling!  Suspended fish have been the trend!  Most Walleye are being caught from 10-15 feet below the ice.  Sonar units are having a huge impact on success.  Some sonar units are not equal to others, depending on the unit anglers are using their ability to see and react to suspended fish can be greatly affected.  Sometime they are coming through quickly and may only catch a portion of the transducers line of sight.  Starting in December we switched our rental units to the new Vexilar FLX-28 which has two zoom zones and auto ranging, these improvements can increase your ability to see more fish.

We have plenty of ice, we are currently over the 24-inch mark with plenty of snow cover.  The guides have the auger extensions ready to go and we are looking forward to a long season!  We plan to have the houses on the lake until April 1st.

The plowed road advantage provides more fishing time, right now anglers are departing the lodge at 7:15AM and depart the fish house at 5PM.  Driving yourself eliminates unnecessary packing and unpacking or loading and reloading gear multiple times during the day.  And of course, we are happy to make the drive to and from the fish house for you if you choose.

Glow red and gold are still the go to’s.  With the suspended fish anglers are aggressively working the 10-15 foot range under the ice.  Bait on your hook is not necessary to catch these fish while actively working a spoon or rattle, basically anything to attract and make some noise in the process.  It is fun when the lure gets a strike, Wham!  Some of the fish have been hitting the bait so hard the lures are in their mouths so fast and going out the gills by the time anglers are reacting.

This week’s forecast gives us what would appear to be a normal mid-February.  Highs into the 20’s and some single digits.