Lake of the Woods Original Weekly Fishing Report!

The avid angler has a lot of tackle

July 31, 2016 at 5:34 PM

The avid angler has a lot of tackle.  Having options to accommodate different patterns, methods, weather and depths can improve success.  Options prove to be successful again this year.  When you have more options and more tackle in your box the odds are better.  That’s why Border View Lodge has a larger tackle box.  Starting with the guides, our team is always working together to stay on top of today's bite.  While keeping their options open each day and having the equipment to accommodate whatever situation the day provides allows their success rate to be high.

Everyone knows the hot days of July and August can bring a different challenge to successful fishing.  We have been having great success this year!  There have been nice limits of keepers to go home and plenty for the shore lunch or dinners and appetizers.  This past week we have been doing a mix of bait fishing, generally drifting with spinners and pulling plugs.  The mornings have provided more success with spinners and the mid-day bite has been more of the plugs.  Plugs are providing more consistent action each day, all day.

We continue to cover many parts of the lake.  North of Garden Island to 10 miles out of the Lighthouse Gap.  There have been nice schools of Walleye in both places.  Many nice 18-inch Walleye and some trophies mixed in.

We continue to have great weather forecasted with high into the 80’s and lows into the 50’s.

Our winter rates are posted on the website.  Book now to get your pick of dates. 

There is still major road construction in Baudette, traffic is diverted south of town. The impact is minimal unless you really need to be on main street in town.