Lake of the Woods Original Weekly Fishing Report!

Another windy weekend is behind us

February 23, 2014 at 2:28 PM

Another windy weekend is behind us!  More snow and wind made some really large drifts by the fish houses and along the road.  We continue to maintain our road and use bombers to get out fishing.  With multiple locations on the lake it also gives us different options when the visibility is poor.


The bite is still making anglers work and the electronics are definitely a help.  We have not seen the suspended fish this season but the electronics are allowing anglers to work fish off the bottom and coax them into taking their bait.  We have our houses in the 30 foot range.


Back into the deep freeze we go.  This week’s forecast says we will get back to the 20 below temps by midweek and staying below zero over the weekend.