Lake of the Woods Original Weekly Fishing Report!

Always on the move!

February 05, 2017 at 5:34 PM

Always on the move! As we get into February and March it is difficult to stay too long in one spot. The schools of fish are not as congregated towards the South Shore as they were earlier in the season. Currently we have different spotter houses spread out and will be most likely making a major move real soon. We are still working our way out to deeper water in the middle of Big Traverse and are currently 12 plus miles north of Pine Island.

The bite this past week has been good overall. Nothing that we would brag about, but it provided plenty to have a fresh dinner and some to take home.

We have considered the reef areas, the problem with those areas is they tend to only hold a certain amount of fish, once those fish are caught they are not replenished regularly with traffic of more Walleye. This tends to make an inconsistent bite/action after the first couple days with too many anglers being there at one time. With the increase of pressure around the reefs the last few years the trend for action has been one day or two in a row can be great while any longer past that may not be good at all.

What we know from years of experience and now having our plowed roads we have developed an approach to locate the larger schools and move with them. Additionally, having the comfort and features of your own vehicle while traveling across the ice is much better than being stuffed like sardines in an old rickety rig with some stranger half on your lap.

We have a great Valentine’s Day special this year, if you were considering a trip here is a great opportunity. Arrive on Sunday February 12th for 3 nights lodging and 2 days fishing with meals included for $400.00 per person. That’s $100.00 off, we have limited availability so call 1-800-PRO-FISH with questions or for reservations.

We will stay with the same suggestion of the week this week; glow red and gold. It always seems to work on Lake of the Woods. Plain hooks on a dead stick with an active minnow on one rod and something actively jigging with noise on the other is still the trend.

Another up and down forecast, it seems we have had many of those this year. We have lows into the 20 below mark and highs in the teens above zero with chances of snow.