Frequently Asked Questions

Job Opportunities

For the most recent job openings or employment opportunities call 1-800-776-3474 or email us at  Job applications may be emailed, faxed or sent by US mail.

Border View Lodge offers full and part time opportunities for a variety of positions.  Hourly wages apply to all positions with a 2 week pay period, after 1 year you may qualify for other benefits including health insurance plan, paid vacation and savings plan options.  Border View Lodge employees are provided work clothing, discounts on food and clothing.  Border View Lodge does not provide employee housing.

Job descriptions and minimum starting wages;

Charter Boat Captain; $17.00 per hour, must have a Merchant Mariners Document, Coast Guard License and drivers license.

Cook; $14.00 per hour with morning, afternoon and evening hour opportunities.

Customer Service/Front Desk; $14.00 per hour with morning and evening hour opportunities.

Dishwasher; $10.50 per hour with evening hours.

Housekeeping; $14.00 per hour with morning hours.  Must have a drivers license.

Maintenance; $10.00 per hour with opportunities ranging from yard work, dock work, cabin repairs and vehicle maintenance. Must have a drivers license.  Morning and evening opportunities.

Waitstaff; $11.50 per hour with evenings hours.

Winter Ice Worker; $16.50 per hour must have a drivers license.

Q: Does weather ever prevent you from allowing guests to fish?

A: It is extremely rare this would happen.  In the summer typically it is only lightning or extremely high winds which would prevent us from going out, these conditions generally do not last very long and could cause a delay in heading out in the morning or force us to return early in the afternoon.  In the winter the combination of high winds and snow which limit visibility and create unsafe conditions could cause us to not be able to traverse the lake. These extreme scenarios are rare. With unique capabilities for different lake access points, nobody can safely take care of you better than Border View Lodge.

Q: How far in advanced do you need to know if we will need transportation to a fish house or if we will be driving our own vehicle out on your plowed road?

A: You should let us know as soon as possible, preferably when you make your reservation, but certainly before you arrive. In a situation where the plowed road is unavailable during your stay, we provide transportation for all guests.  This is normal in the beginning of the ice season when regular full size vehicles are unable to travel on the ice.

Q: When will the plowed road be open?

A: The road will be open to guests as soon as the ice is safe enough for everyone to travel on. On average, January 1 through early March allows for safe travel. However, every year is different. Prior to the road opening we will provide transportation for all guests in our light weight vehicles.

Q: When do you take guests to the reefs?

A: Reef fishing on the north end of the lake changes from season to season. Our guides are in tune with the bite all over the lake and do scout out new areas throughout the winter. We let the fish do the talking when it comes to moving our fish houses.  The amount of traffic in the reef areas impacts the success rate.  The last few years there has been a great increase in traffic and angling pressure of the reef areas.  The trend for the last couple of years has shown they do produce fish but the amount of angling pressure depletes the fish quickly.  There may be one good day of a bite and nothing for a week while the area is replenished with moving fish.  If the trend changes we will be there. 

Q: How long do we fish?

A: In winter, our day ice fish houses are available from shortly after day break until shortly before dark. Guests opting to drive out to one of our fish houses will have the opportunity to come and go as they please throughout the day.  Our summer charters are a 9 hour day and depart the dock at 8AM and return at 5PM.

Q: Do you provide rods & reels?

A: Winter season we do not provide ice fishing rods & reels. However, we do have jig rods for sale in the gift shop. Some are as cheap as $12 and come with line, a jig, and a bobber so you are ready to go.  In the summer our Charter Package guests have the convenience of having all fishing equipment included.

Do you have Vexilars?

Yes, we rent Vexilar FLX 28 with digital display for $40.00 per day.  We have a limited number of Vexilars to rent, we can reserve them when you make your reservation if available.

fish.png More Questions? Just give us a call at 1-800-PRO-FISH