Fish Houses

Sleeper Fish Houses

Try sleeping out on Lake of the Woods in our sleeper houses - all (or almost all) the comforts of home right on the ice. You don’t have to worry about missing that bite when you stay out all night! We offer 4 person houses with 2 holes per person. Each house is 10x20 with a vented propane furnace, propane lights, two burner cook top, table and folding chairs. A padded bunk bed is located on each end of the sleeper. There is an indoor potty area in each house as well. An open floor plan gives you plenty of space for fishing. Access is provided for guests on our private plowed road.

Day Fish Houses

Each house is pre-heated, drilled and ready to go when we drop you off each day. There are folding chairs and a table in the houses. We have 4 person houses and there are 2 holes per person for fishing in the houses. We're constantly moving houses to follow those schools of Walleye all over Lake of the Woods. Your choice of transportation of either Border View's private plowed road access onto the lake or transportation provided by lodge is available at the same rate. The choice is yours.

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